Revelation TV & Felicity Corbin Wheeler Revisited

Visitors to this blog  may be aware that I’m returning to a topic already covered in two previous posts, Quacking for Jesus and Revelation TV & Felicity Corbin Wheeler. The reason for this is that the Reverend Doctor has featured prominently in the station’s schedule over the past week. (Anyone interested in reading some background information about Revelation TV should take a look at Gordon’s Blog). She has been given carte blanche to peddle her particular brand of quackery. Viewers have been treated to an eclectic mix of pseudoscience, woo, misinformation, and dangerous nonsense. Over a period of several days Corbin Wheeler has broadcast a roll call of some of the most notorious quacks in the business and a pot pourri of the most ludicrous and potentially dangerous treatments around all, apparently, based on sound Biblical teaching. I shan’t dwell too much on the validity of the Biblical teaching – I struggle with the idea that a Bronze Age book has anything to tell us about science and medicine.


This is not an exhaustive list but the Reverend Doctor mentioned juicing, acid/alkaline balance, colloidal silver, thermography, aspartame, live blood analysis, ionic footbaths, dehydration, mucoid plaques, colonic irrigation, vaccinations, mercury fillings, chem trails, raw food diet, living enzymes, Fukushima and Gerson therapy.


Phillip Day (appearing soon on Revelation TV apparently, read more about him here), Charlotte Gerson, Leigh Erin Connealy, Brian Clement, Stanislaw Burzynski, Gary Tunsky, George Malkmus, Gabriel Cousens and Lorraine Day.

I could write a blog post about each of those named but if you need more information Google is your friend. Hint: it helps if you append the word ‘quack’ after the name, e.g Gary Tunsky quack. That way you avoid finding a long list of ‘alternative’ medicine sites which will destroy countless brain cells. Instead, I will take a closer look at two of those mentioned.

Stanislaw Burzynski

Burzynski is a controversial doctor based in Houston, Texas. He has developed a cancer treatment using what he calls antineoplastons for which he charges thousands of dollars. Patients are enrolled in ‘trials’ for which they have to pay and despite running trials for thirty years, he has yet to publish any data to validate his treatment. Whilst often touted as a natural treatment, what he administers appears to be his own, rather crude, version of chemotherapy. The Respectful Insolence blog has an excellent summary of the issues and I have previously blogged about him myself. Josephine Jones has an extensive resource of links on her blog. It seems very odd that Felicity Corbin Wheeler, who is at pains to promote ‘natural’ treatments, should promote someone who uses chemotherapy.

Lorraine Day

Lorraine Day has a very interesting history. God showed her how to cure her cancer and she developed and promotes The Ten Steps to Fight Cancer. It’s the usual nonsense of raw diets and boosting the immune system but there is more to Dr Day than her fondness of woo. A visit to her website reveals other aspects of her approach. She can tell us  ‘The Truth About Politics, Religion & Health’. Here there are links to ‘The Holocaust Hoax Videos’, ‘How a Hundred Jews Control Millions of Americans’, ‘Jews Run Hollywood and the Media’, and many more. I’m not linking to her odious site. Felicity Corbin Wheeler is endorsing a raving anti-Semite and holocaust denier on Revelation TV. Revelation TV don’t appear to have a problem with that.

Felicity Corbin Wheeler is a crank magnet. A combination of naivety, ignorance and stupidity has produced someone who is in a position to influence the confused and vulnerable. On one of her shows she advised a viewer who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis to stop taking her medication, methotrexate, because it is carcinogenic. Instead, she should consult a naturopath. Revelation TV has given her the platform to spread her ignorance and ignorance can be dangerous.

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31 thoughts on “Revelation TV & Felicity Corbin Wheeler Revisited

  1. Hi Nucella

    As someone who has seen first hand how doctors [ like my own in particular ] are ignorant in nutrition and how Good nutritionists are; is what is leading me to a career in one profession and not the other, i feel you are the uneducated one.

    As someone who is in their final year of a clinical nutrition degree course, you cannot tell me that chronic long term “big pharma” drug use is more agreeable to the human organism than using the intrinsic vitamin and mineral properties of food. You may decry “THAT BRONZE AGE BOOK” but lets at least observe the wisdom of Hypocrates who not only Provided the medical profession with its “FIRST DO NO HARM” rule of thumb, but also observed “LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD”. Are you willing to conceed that he was right on both accounts or are you infering that the great man of antiquity was himself was somehow decieved.

    All you have done is denigrade people without any evidence to the contrary, infering that their results are having less success than NHS quackery.

    Isnt it funny how our cells and hormones are governed by vitamins and minerals Water Fats Carbs and Proteins, and we have survived for millenia without Big Pharma and the Medical profession untill the last 200 years. Indeed, you may be able to explain how we got to the 19th century without Big Pharma in the first place ?

    Also you have to realise that untill very recent times Herbs and food was the original medicinal approach to disease. Not only that but remember that the drug industry is the “Alternative” theraputic Approach.

    The new God “Big Pharma”, can not claim to have extended life one iota from recorded life spans going back before the Roman age, it was Better living conditions better hygeine and better farming methods that raised life expectancy not the NHS or the drug industry.

    Could you tell me if food or drugs were responsible for curing Scurvy,

    If you wish to reply you may.

  2. You commit the logical fallacy of argumentum ad antiquitatem. Hippocrates lived over two thousand years ago and science and medicine have moved on since then.At the time his work was ground breaking but we longer attribute illness to humoralism.To say that drugs and the NHS have not increased both quality of life and life expectancy is demonstrably false. Vaccines alone have saved millions of lives.

    Vitamin C, a drug found in some foods, can be used to treat scurvy.

    • Hi   Firstly you are talking to someone at your own level. Not some lay person. secondly, You failed to acknowledge the Superior effect of  better sanitation, living conditions, and the availability of better foods through modern agricultural innovations in the longevity of westen civilisations over the limiting effects of toxic drugs. You also dont address those cultures who without a spanking NHS system are outstripping the life expectancy of  the industrialised nations while not burdened down by the metabolic diseases we suffer with. thirdly, regarding Vaccinations, Lets not forget that they do untold damage to the nervous system especially in young Babies who in the first few months after birth do not have a functioing Blood brain barrier in place to prevent Neurotoxins like mercury,aluminum, and other adjuvants  crossing unchallenged into brain tissue.  Also, lets not forget  Gwilam Berrie Syndrome, etc etc. I would like to know why you place Big Pharma as having a greater influence in western longevity levels then the three factors i have outlined that preceeded the Medical “alternative” approach?   Yours Will kirby  Clinical Nutritionist

  3. I am acquainted with FCW; we are polite when our paths cross, but not friendly. When we first met she tried to indoctrinate me then lost interest when I put up barriers and didn’t bother to read the books she gave me. My husband took an instant, instinctive dislike to her; my dislike kicked in a little later as I found her weirdly interesting at first. My husband is a retired pharmacist and as such has probably improved the health of many, many people by means of good and caring healthcare and medication advice. We both believe in a good, wholesome diet but we use conventional, orthodox medicine on the whole. The risk is that people would bypass this route and try her quackery, which has little chance of success. She practices pseudo-science. Dangerous.

    She doesn’t eat her raw food diet all the time, by the way, she often eats in restaurants and drinks wine. She is fit and healthy and plays golf daily. She is looking more like Joan Rivers all the time, if you get my drift…..

    In her defence, I must tell you that despite your comments about her promotion of a ‘raving anti-semite’ (I have not seen the channel and do not wish to) FCW is not anti-Semitic in the least. She wears a tallit (Jewish prayer shawl normally only worn by men) in her ministry and was delighted when I saw and commented on a framed photo of her wearing it. Like many fundamental Christians has a belief that the Jews should return to Israel; many of the books on her shelves are about Israel. Her dislike of me and my husband is because she couldn’t brainwash us; not because we’re Jewish.

    • Thank you for your comment Sarah.I did not mean to suggest that Felicity Corbin-Wheeler was anti-semitic. I was trying to illustrate how superficial her knowledge of science and medicine is. She references a great many quacks without any understanding of what they are promoting. Lorraine Day’s site is awful and her views are repulsive. Anyone can establish that by spending five minutes on Google. Corbin-Wheeler claims to have done years of ‘research’ yet seems unaware of this.The fact that she latches onto the quackery but is oblivious to the anti-semitism shows how ill-informed she is.

      • Nucella
        Talk about Medical Quackery !!!

        My doctor thinks a staple diet is a stomach operation carried out on the NHS !!!!

        Oh well what can you expect when doctors ar’nt trained in nutrition

    • Hi Sarah
      your somewhat balanced views are noted, which is more than i can say of the bias viewpoint of Nucella herself, have had the odd spat with her, as she will admitt.
      I am not a pharmacist, but i am studying clinical nutrition as well as being a health tutor delivering courses on the “self management of long term health conditions” for one of the health boards in the uk. However, my point is this. I am a raw food eater and have been for at least 4 years since giving up the standard british diet of chips, fish fingers and most cooked foods. Given that most of our foods are grown in sub-nutrient soils high in toxic chemical soups and then cooked destroying what little nutrients remain, has only reinforced my determination to continue eating raw for all the obvious reasons, Infact i would claim that eating, as i do, all the super foods, nuts, seeds,etc with fruits, avocardo, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, and dark green leafy foods etc etc affords me a better level of Vit C, essential and phyto nutrient uptake than cooked food eaters. Food is the basis of life and all our metabolic dieases stem mainly from deficiencies of Hydration, nutrition, overload of toxicity leading to autoimmune disorders. The basis of Optimal health lays in a strong Immune system, and not in Chronic Pharmacutical drug dependancy which is going to cause more problems than it claims to cure.
      I am not a “Freak” but I have studied the large amount of Iatrogenic deaths caused by correctly prescribed and taken pharmacuitical drug issued by the medical profession and the way drug companies biase their drug trials so that the “True” drug trials are only established once drugs go viral in the population as a whole.
      Hyocrates, said “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.
      We must either acknowledge that if food is good enough to keep us alive, and therefore, it is also good enough to fix us when we are ill. or we only need to pop pills. How on earth do the drug companies and medical industry think mankind managed to get to the 19th century without an “Orthodox” medical system.
      Since man first walked the earth the “Orthodox” approach to a healthy and long life has been our reliance on the food mother nature has supplied in abundance, thats why dogs eat grass and dont go to the doctor when they are ill. Even your Pharmacist husband who eats food to keep himself alive must acknowledge that if he went on a hunger strike of water and food no drug could ever save his life.
      All our NCD’s [non comunicable diseases] are lifestyle diseases treatable through eating whole foods as nature intended, and along with special attention to Colonics, and Probiotics to assist the digestive tract to deal with malabsorption and intestinal / gut issues we can greatly reduce these metabolic diseases which afflict first world populations.

      Nigella is short sighted and she allows her hatred of religion to get in the way of a “Good Story”.
      Yes, read what Phillip Day, Lorainne Day, FCW, Andrew Saul, Dr Mercola and many other researchers are saying, all I can say is “I did” and i am glad i listened to them.

      Feel free to reply

      • yes, nucella just as you usually do, you reply with a total lack of evidence based rebuttals only incomprehensable rubbish !!!

  4. If I had already lost a daughter to cancer and then got it myself, I would certainly research and try anything, rather than immediately go down the drug path, especially if there were testimonies of people experiencing a better quality of life, and some even getting better.. Felicity is a living example that this regime can work – her diagnosis was dire and look at her now.. What else got her better if not the method she used. The Gerson Therapy is renowned for helping many people with all sorts of illnesses. They need complete focus and commitment and if someone has a success story, why the cynicism and vitriol. It’s normal to want to share it with others. Drugs nearly killed me in my thirties, now at 73 and after going down the alternative route, I am still alive and kicking, having had a dire prognosis all those years ago. My doctor said her stuff was creating dangerous side effects and to continue what I was doing because it was working. I know what I would rather try if I should get the big C. We all have choice and Revelation is doing a great job trying to enlighten and help its viewers. If people don’t want it that’s up to them. Of course most orthodox doctors have never studied anything alternative and can have a very blinkered view, missing out on powerful remedies with no side effects, and perhaps denying their patients a safer option, as in my own case.

  5. Thank you for your comment Heather. “The Gerson Therapy is renowned for helping many people with all sorts of illnesses.” Really? What evidence is there to support that statement? Do you know something that Cancer Research UK doesn’t know?

    My main objection to the likes of Felicity Corbin-Wheeler is that they make money by offering false hope to vulnerable people. Such people deserve nothing but condemnation.

    • unless felicity has got a deal struck with tesco for cut price supplies of fruit and veg, i doubt she will get rich quick, not like the drug companies for whom living an average of 5 years after a 3% success rate of chemo treatment is viewed a triumph.
      Ofcourse, nucella you never criticise the billions made by Big Pharma.

      • Corbin Wheeler sells courses peddling her particular brand of woo for prices ranging from £150 – £250. If that’s outside your budget you can always choose a telephone consultation – a snip at £50 for fifteen minutes. They look like nice earners to me.

        “… not like the drug companies for whom living an average of 5 years after a 3% success rate of chemo treatment is viewed a triumph” Once again you fail to provide a source for an outrageous assertion. My guess is that it’s a copy and paste job from a quack website. Was it Mercola, NaturalNews or whale-to? If you’re interested in a more reliable source of information, follow the link:

      • No Nutella

        To your dubious attack against my 3% Chemo success rate remark.

        My info was taken directly from the BMA Guidlines to Drugs and Medicines, Yes
        Straight out of the Horses Mouth.

        You are the One who peddles lies. not me. And anyway does information from a third partly prove a statistic false. If so the same could be said of your third party sources.

        infact, I use a lot of sources including the highly esteemed PUBMED.

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  7. I have totally agree about the extortionate charges FCB has, Rev TV say she does so much for free,ie broadcasts, answers E Mails, but she does charge as stated above and £25 for E Books, her practices really really does get free advertising in return on Rev TV, they have been pulled over the coals over Dr Grinsteads practices,a former Quack who peddaled his methods free initially then charged extorionate money,Rev have been wrong on many instances and it has to be questioned why the leaders arnt following this fail all falacy, surely if they belive in it they should follow it it to the letter.
    Leslie Conder, Lorna Pettit and Breda have al lembarked on slimming diets, they are not using Feliclitys loose weight book at £25 per time, very strange, it would surley be the best way as they promote and give air time to her ways, all very hypocritical Ithink.
    I follow a wholefood diet,eat and drink healithly so not agianst all of this and through my love of Jesus I would share this free of charge to anyone it could help,or at least only taek vital expenses,not charge £25 per time for an E Book or £50 for a telephone conversation, would Jesus have done this, no his advise was free I sent a polite E mail to the show today asking why Jordan Reuben the makers diet differed from her,he also says God showed him the way to health and cured him of several lillnesses, his diet in my mind lines up much more with Gods word than hers , I also asked if she was born again, I cant help but feel that Sye her co priducer was selective in not reading mine out, does anyone know if she is born again.

    Isetn a

  8. Felicity Corbin Wheeler preys on the vulnerable and scared and strongly advises people like my elderly father not to have a life saving operation to rid him of his cancer when he had the chance.

    There is nothing wrong with healthy living, eating or juicing fruit and veg but it needs to be in the right quantities and balanced with the input from a proper dietician who knows what they are talking about.

    Advising people to take sodium bicarbonate daily and enemas without knowing a person’s medical history is just plain dangerous. Not only does she promote and push her costly courses (conveniently located in Spain outside certain laws) books and DVDs she also promotes certain websites of which she is a trustee on the board who has a stake in said businesses.

    Thank you Nucella for taking the trouble to publish the information that you know about this woman and other con women/men like her.

    • As a Clinical Nutritionist and also a chronic disease Tutor and diabetes risk assessor I will make the following observations.

      Firstly No Nutritionist should promote any therapy before having a case history before them. I will also state that Standard Cancer treatments by the NHS and other healthcare systems are nothing to be proud of and with Chemo only having a 3% success rate of treating blood cancers and an even worse rate with tissue cancers.
      The fact that there are many successfull albeit anacdotal claims for Nutritional treatments having cured cancer suggests that Nutritional therapies out perform Chemo.

      The fact that so called dodgy nutritional advice is risking lives is nothing when considering the Iatrogenic deaths at the hands of the medical profession which puts death by doctors as the third leading course of human mortality.

      Given that the U.S. Government has given Big Pharma impunity and the Vaccine courts have paid out milloins in compensation gives no one confidence in the medical model especially as the 1939 healthcare act prohibits nutritional therapies as under licence the Uk NHS can only prescribe Cut and Burn, Chemo and radiation treatments.

      The reason why I favour Nutritional therapies over Drugs is they are less toxic, they also are capable of repair where Drugs don’t, and if we realise that the reason you get a headache is NOT because your body is short of pain killers but because you might be Dehydrated or experiencing low blood sugar levels then we might reflect on the fact that if we know food keeps us alive, then we should realise its good enough to fix us when we are ill.


  9. Exactly. Did you know, that the more tablets the doctor’s prescribe, the more incentives they get from drugs companies? So it is in the interests of the doctor’s to keep on prescribing meds until people are drugged to their eyeballs…and if the patients don’t get better, the prescription is changed and more pills pushed onto the patient… and drug company bosses get huge profits and bonuses, they are laughing all the way to the bank…and doctor’s too get incentives for prescribing the drugs for them.

      • Well you never addressed one of my points in my last email. You obviously cannot defend your corner, so you stay silent.

    • Hi Nikki,
      i find Nutella so infuriating at times [all the time].infact. It’s great to hear other’s here speaking out on BIG PHARMA and the Mafia-like way they operate. Nutella bangs on about the prices FCW charges, well ho my God, what ever must we think then of a medical system which won’t fund cancer treatments because BIG PHARMA sells the drugs at prices the NHS can’t afford, How evil is that !!! Maybe Nutella can answer that. She seems only too happy to come to their aid every time they get criticised.

      • Perhaps you should read Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre and find out about the All Trials Campaign. Both are highly critical of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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  11. Have you noticed that she has dropped the “Dr” title on her appearances on Revelation TV. Now I wonder why?

  12. It would seem that she is broadening her remit if this tweet is anything to go by.

    Felicity Wheeler ‏@FelicityCW · Apr 11
    Breathlessness? Asthma, Emphysema, COPD? I just made a program addressing these concerns on Revelation TV…

    • I caught a bit of ‘Get well, stay well’ last week and she was talking about the importance of oxygen and how she used oxygen drops. I’d guess it’ll be a development of that particular form of woo.

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