The other religiously-abused Canadian child

Felicity Corbin Wheeler of Revelation TV fame is a big fan of Brian Clement and the Hippocrates Health Institute.

Why Evolution Is True

Now that Makaya Sault has died from her untreated leukemia, there’s another 11-year-old first Nations Child from Ontario (“J. J.”) getting “alternative (i.e., useless) treatment, and she’ll also die from the same disease unless someone intervenes. But in this case, a Canadian judge did look at the case, and refused to intervene. Judge Getin Edward, who will have blood on his hands if J. J. dies, ruled against McMaster Children’s Hospital, who wanted to force the child to continue chemotherapy. Doctors there say that J. J. would have had a greater than 90% chance of survival with chemo. But her parents wanted “alternative” and “aboriginal” treatment, though they took J. J. to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, where they use quack nostrums like raw-food diets, lots of vitamins, and cold-laser treatment—hardly “native” healing.

Edward’s ruling was unconscionable; here’s how the National Post described it (my emphasis):

Justice Gethin Edward of the Ontario Court of Justice suggested…

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Revelation TV & Dr Grady McMurtry

Dr Grady McMurtry is a big favourite of Revelation TV. He features regularly in their schedules and barely a week goes by without him making several appearances, either recorded or live. In particular, he is a regular guest (via Skype) on The Q&A Show along with Revelation TV founder and host, Howard Conder. In December 2014 Revelation TV embarked on The Q&A Roadshow which involved Conder and McMurtry visiting eight venues in various parts of the UK.

Who is Dr Grady McMurtry? He is the head of Creation Worldview Ministries based in Orlando, Florida, USA. According to his website, the organisation consists of himself and one associate. He’s not a big player on the creationist scene. Creation Worldview Ministries is more Conference North than Premier League, Stockport County rather than Chelsea FC.

What are his qualifications? Creationists are always keen to portray themselves as well qualified scientists and McMurtry is no exception. His website claims he is a Biblical Scientific Creationist and his qualifications are:

  • B S, University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture – 1968
  • M S, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science – 1972
  • D D, School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia – 1996
  • D Litt, Mid-Continent University, Mayfield, Kentucky – 2011
  • Past Regent of the School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia
  • Adjunct Professor, School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia
  • Florida Christian College, Guest Lecturer
  • 10 Years a Teacher of Evolution
  • 1 1/2 Years a Theistic Evolutionist
  • 40 Years a Biblical Scientific Creationist
  • Ordained Minister
  • Church Elder
  • Expert School Board Witness

Impressive? Perhaps not. Ecalpemos has taken a closer look at his credentials and it would seem that all that glisters is not gold.

Dr Grady McMurtry’s qualifications appear to consist of an undergraduate degree in agriculture (majoring in forestry) and a master’s degree in environmental science. His doctorate is in theology and from a non accredited private college that does not make doctoral theses available for public scrutiny. His second doctorate is honorary.

Ecalpemos concludes that his academic record suggests that he does not have an appropriate background to speak about science with any authority and I agree. Nevertheless, and I’m sure Ecalpemos would agree, we can form an opinion based on what he says rather than the letters behind his name.

The Q&A Roadshow visited the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Belfast on 6th December. The show was recorded and broadcast on 18th December.

Prior to the show questions were submitted by audience members. Howard Conder was responsible for choosing which questions were asked and Grady McMurtry provided the answers. The questions were predictable and covered most of the familiar creationist tropes, the age of the earth, carbon dating, second law of thermodynamics, genetic entropy, dinosaurs, the flood and so on. The topics were largely science related although evolution didn’t feature very much. The answers were also predictable, particularly to anyone familiar with creationist talks and writings. Dealing with all of the errors and misconceptions in the programme would be a major undertaking so I shall limit myself to the most egregious examples.

Throughout the show McMurtry refers to ‘evolutionists’ regardless of the topic being discussed be it geology, cosmology, astronomy, paleontology or archaeology. The term is, of course, used in a pejorative sense. Evolution is defined as descent with modification and the theory has nothing to say about the decay of the earth’s magnetic field or the geologic column. It’s almost as if McMurtry doesn’t understand what evolution is. At one point he says, “Evolutionists say things are getting bigger, better, faster, smarter.” No they don’t. Evolution doesn’t have a purpose. McMurtry either doesn’t understand evolution or is deliberately being misleading.

Speaking about the age of the earth McMurtry states that, “Evolutionists (there’s that word again) do not have one single scientific proof that [the earth] is old.” There is no such thing as a scientific proof and no reputable scientist would claim that there is.

Proofs exist only in mathematics and logic, not in science.  Mathematics and logic are both closed, self-contained systems of propositions, whereas science is empirical and deals with nature as it exists.  The primary criterion and standard of evaluation of scientific theory is evidence, not proof.  All else equal (such as internal logical consistency and parsimony), scientists prefer theories for which there is more and better evidence to theories for which there is less and worse evidence.  Proofs are not the currency of science. Psychology Today

During the course of the programme McMurtry dealt with carbon dating, genetic entropy, the earth’s magnetic field, the flood and the coexistence of humans and dinosaurs. Throughout, his lack of understanding of the scientific method is evident. Like his Premier League counterparts Ray Comfort and Ken Ham he starts with a conclusion,(the bible is the inerrant word of god) and attempts to construct evidence to support that conclusion.

Unfortunately the audience McMurtry speaks to are generally hearing what they want to hear.

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Readers’ Comments

Over the last few days there have been a number of comments on my blog post Revelation TV & Felicity Corbin Wheeler Revisited. A number of interesting points have been raised, and rather than reply to individual comments I will attempt to respond to them here.

William Scully started things off with this post:

She has dropped the “Dr” title on her twitter account as well, I have asked for an explanation in a tweet, don’t expect I’ll get a reply. She is an odious woman, but on Revelation TV, she is in good company

William had spotted something I had missed. The Reverend Doctor is now plain Felicity Corbin Wheeler. I suspect that she is worried about the possible legal consequences of calling herself Doctor and handing out medical advice. Her (newly revamped) website has a very comprehensive Quack Miranda.

Legal Disclaimer: Any information provided on or (this website), including its discussion forums, is for educational purposes only, is not medical advice, does not create a doctor-patient relationship or liability, is not exhaustive, does not cover all conditions or their treatment, and will change as knowledge and time progress.

The use of the word ‘odious’ prompted an angry response from Will.

like most people who are derogatory towards FCW i feel compelled to ask you.
Are you just being a little bit biased. Are you just following the crowd and acting out of a herd instinct and mentality. Are your claims that she is an “odious woman” based on clinical trials and double blind trials ? Or perhaps, based on anacdotal evidence. You know the type of evidence that Nucella on this Blog site calls “unscientific” reason.
There is a saying that goes: “As a man thinks, so He is” Then the question for you to answer is this: Are Your thoughts more a reflection of your own Being, Is it You that is the “Odious” one.
How pathetic of you, to make such a judgement of Being. I hope other’s think the same. You are probably an atheist which means you believe all life started a pond scum and became the beautiful specimin you are today. So why do you seek so eagerly the return to the pond scum from which you evolved from. Just goes to show you deny the very faith of evolution by your actions. At least FCW i believe would not wish to stoop to such low standards as you set for yourself.

Suddenly we switch to atheism and evolution. How did that happen? I’ve always considered Felicity Corbin Wheeler to be deluded, ignorant and narcissistic. I wouldn’t have used the word ‘odious’ to describe her – until now. Recently she has confirmed what I long suspected. She is an anti-vaxxer. I’ve blogged on that topic before and I consider anti-vaxxers to be the lowest of the low. Incidentally Will, atheism is a lack of belief in god and just that, nothing at all to do with evolution.

William Scully responded by asking about the dropping of the Dr title again, but Will has the creationist bit between his teeth and treats us to a rant about Cosmology, Astrophysics and Abiogenesis, seemingly under the mistaken impression that these are covered by the Theory of Evolution. William Scully persists but Will gets angry:

What !! No, You Can’t explain, Well I won’t be loosing any sleep over you.
So why not just crawl back into that prebiotic pool of slime your ancestors came from.
You won’t be too much of a loss to Humanity, because I doubt if you actually met its criteria anyway.

Then things turn really silly. Will comments;

 but as Nucella knows from her training as a nutritionist – if she really is one – it is information that gives birth to matter

What? I am neither female nor a nutritionist and have never claimed to be either. I could be a nutritionist if I wanted to be. It’s not a protected title in the UK so all I’d have to do is call myself one, set up a website and make lots of money by selling useless products to vulnerable individuals. For some people that’s a valid business model as Sheila Pringle has discovered.

Goodness me, this started out as a post re FCW, who does charge extortionate prices to help people, as a Christian and saying she works for God does she really need to charge so much, I tried wheatgrass and it seemed to upset me , she wanted £50 for an E Mail consulation to give me advise. She stated to me by E Mail that she worth that price, she gets free advertising by giving out her ideas on REV TV. Why has this ended up as a slanging match about creation, if people chose to disbelieve Gods word that’s up to them but they dont need to be so personal and abusive to other people on here. FCB also didnt answer my E Mail that was uncomfortable for her to read on some true facts, she isn’t a Dr of medicine anyway at all, she is running a business with REV TV as a real advantage and their discernment is dreadful they never answer you either just make threats, switch her off like I have is my opinion, if she wants to make such profit to fulfil her lifestyle out of people let her, she will answer to God and be judge one day.

Thanks Sheila for trying to calm things down and bringing the discussion back on topic. I suspect that Sheila and I come from entirely different perspectives but I think we both feel that Felicity Corbin Wheeler is exploiting people for monetary gain. Please correct me if I’m wrong Sheila.

Felicity Corbin Wheeler is currently using Revelation TV to promote another unproven treatment which will be the subject of my next blog post.



A brief exchange of comments with Will resulted in this extraordinary outburst:

I am going to do what everyone should do on here and pull the plug on all your crap sick and ugly insults that your warped little humanoid brain can muster, No wonder Rev Tv don’t reply to you, you odious creature. most of the small number of posts here are years old so you obviously have a huge fan base, i don’t think. Well, i shall enjoy this last post because there won’t be anymore. I ‘m done with loser’s like you who can find no greater purpose for their life than devote their time moaning about christians. You really are a low life. I don’t spend my time doing that to atheists. There is nothing upbuilding and positive about you. Do you know what i will be so happy about when you read this, is the fact that others will read it and know your a first class jerk for all to see, while only a she male like you could have a name like Nutella.
Ayway, you can continue to be the odious little twerp you are, but you know it’s not even worth you replying to this because im out of here and you will never have the satisfaction of me reading your crap replies any more. So go into your bedroom and do what all lonely immature little boys do in private.

You are a has-been and i will never read the crap you sell on here again, so glad to be gone for good.

Yours Gone for good,


There’s no answer to that.

Get Well, Stay Well?

I’ve blogged before about Revelation TV and its promotion of Felicity Corbin Wheeler (here and here) but feel moved to do so again. Felicity Corbin Wheeler, who in her present incarnation is no longer described as the Reverend Doctor, has a weekly show titled ‘Get Well. Stay Well’. The programme is hosted by Cyrus Fernando, a relatively new presenter on Revelation TV. Mr Fernando is no Jeremy Paxman and the format is for him to ask a series of obviously rehearsed questions which give FCW the opportunity to reel off the details of a wide-ranging number of quack therapies which, she claims, will prevent disease and/or cure disease. Most of these are diet-based with an emphasis on the supposed benefits of juicing.  To emphasise the point, Cyrus and Felicity usually have a glass of freshly prepared juice in their hands. Ironically Cyrus, being conspicuously overweight, is a poor advert for Felicity’s methods,  as are many of Revelation TVs presenters.


The programme broadcast on 6th June 2014 was devoted to extolling the supposed benefits of the Gerson Therapy. This particular form of quackery has been around since 1928 and yet in all that time, “Gerson’s therapy has not been independently tested or subjected to randomized controlled trials, and thus is illegal to market in the United States”. Cancer Research UK says, “Available scientific evidence does not support any claims that Gerson therapy can treat cancer. In fact, Gerson therapy can be very harmful to your health.”

Quacks rarely allow scientific evidence to get in the way of a marketing opportunity and Felicity Corbin Wheeler is no exception. She introduces Dr Patrick Vickers who is, it seems, the new face of the Gerson Therapy.According to his website, “Giving up careers in professional golf and entertainment, Dr. Patrick obtained his undergraduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Life University before going on to receive his doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College in 1997.” He’s not a dietician, a medical doctor or an oncologist, he’s a chiropractor. In North America,  chiropractors can use the title Dr but in the UK they are not considered to be registered medical practitioners. Felicity Corbin Wheeler avoids making this clear.  Sense About Science has a useful summary which evaluates the evidence for the efficacy of chiropractic.

Most of the programme is taken up with Cyrus Fernando introducing YouTube videos of Patrick Vickers explaining the virtues of Gerson Therapy. As we all know YouTube videos trump peer-reviewed scientific research any day of the week. In between the videos Felicity Corbin Wheeler adds some commentary and it is interesting to note how frequently what Patrick Vickers says is in direct conflict with the advice given by Felicity Corbin Wheeler. She waves this away by saying that different doctors have different ideas.

There is no evidence that Gerson Therapy has ever cured anyone of anything. It’s just another way of preying on the weak and vulnerable and separating them from their money. Revelation TV continues to promote this sort of nonsense.

Ray Comfort & Revelation TV

Let’s start with some background information about Revelation TV.

Revelation TV is a Christian channel broadcasting in the UK on the Sky platform which has an interesting history of Ofcom involvement. On a number of occasions the channel was in breach of Ofcom rules with regard to their views on homosexuality, Islam and abortion. In order to escape Ofcom’s ‘censorship’ Revelation TV is now has a Spanish broadcasting licence which seemingly allows it to disseminate its prejudices without the hindrance of being fair and even-handed. Most of Revelation TV’s output is centred around creationism, end times prophecies and readings from the bible and the Daily Mail.

Howard Conder is one of the founders of the station and one of the main presenters. He hosts one of the channels flagship programmes, the Q & A show, most nights of the week. This usually features an interview with a guest on a topic dear to the heart of the presenter, end times, biblical prophecy, and quite frequently, creationism. On the 18th July 2013 the guest was Ray Comfort.

Ray Comfort (aka Bananaman) was there to promote the release of his latest DVD, Evolution Vs God, a film which, according to its Facebook page promises to shake Darwinism’s foundational beliefs.

At this point it’s worth pointing out that Howard Conder’s interviewing style is mostly about feeding lines to his guests. They are generally given an easy ride. On matters of science, Howard Conder is a self-confessed ignoramus. Some years ago, he interviewed Richard Dawkins. The YouTube video is here. It is 58 minutes long but it is worth watching because Conder is so excruciatingly inept. Unfortunately, Conder learned nothing from the encounter.

The ‘interview’ with Ray Comfort followed its predictable course, with Comfort being given free rein to give an extended sales pitch for his DVD.

Ray Comfort started off by saying that he had interviewed four evolutionary scientists who ‘could not back up evolution with any scientific evidence’. He then went on to say that ‘evolution is responsible for so many of the vices we see’ and that the movie ‘debunks evolution in sixteen minutes’. We then see an excerpt from the movie, with Comfort interviewing students and challenging them to give him evidence that evolution has taken place. Most of them give the impression of being totally overwhelmed by the experience but some make a reasonable attempt to answer the question. Darwin’s Finches feature in their replies but when that is mentioned Comfort plays his trump card. Birds are still birds, evolution is about changes in kinds! Speciation doesn’t count as evolution. One of the rules of the game is that Ray Comfort gets to decide what the rules of the game are.

Creationists often talk about ‘kinds’ without ever defining what they mean. No-one apart from creationists use that term.

The next excerpt features three of the four scientists interviewed by Comfort, PZ Myers, Craig Stanford and Gail E Kennedy. They are given the same treatment as the students with Comfort rejecting their answers out of hand. There is no debate, no discussion and no exchange of ideas. PZ Myers has blogged about his experience and has accused Ray Comfort of selective editing. In the Revelation TV programme Comfort denies this charge and claims that the interview was edited with integrity. He also said he would not be releasing the unedited interviews. Craig Stanford tweeted, ‘Ray Comfort’s new creationism video does the most un-Christian thing; uses misleading editing to take an immoral and frankly sleazy low road’.

Howard Conder then gives Ray Comfort the opportunity to reel off the familiar list of creationist tropes, all received uncritically by the host and, I suspect, most of the audience.

The missing link is still missing.

Everyone has an inbuilt, innate knowledge of god.

Evolution gets rid of moral accountability.

Evolutionists believe that nothing created everything.

There is observable evidence that god exists.

Inevitably, Richard Dawkins gets several mentions. According to Ray Comfort, Dawkins has ‘opened up the golden door to the delirious pleasures of sin’. Talking of delirious pleasures, the interview then moves on to discuss Christian fundamentalists second favourite topic – other people’s sex lives.

Howard Conder mentions that the Queen has recently given her royal assent to the same-sex marriage bill in England and Wales. Ray Comfort is shocked that our Queen (?) should do such a thing. He has no doubt that she came under pressure from other members of the royal family who ‘don’t have a standard of righteousness’. We can add Constitutional Monarchy to the ever-growing list of things that Ray Comfort doesn’t understand.

Howard Conder points out that the teaching of evolution is now being extended to the primary curriculum. Ray Comfort is appalled. Bizarrely the Queen gets the blame for that as well – she has compromised again.

The programme ends with yet another swipe at a great British institution. Howard defends the one-sided approach of the programme by informing us that the BBC spends billions of pounds promoting evolution and that Richard Attenborough is largely to blame. Yes, that’s right, Richard Attenborough.  Howard must have been thinking of Jurassic Park.

At that point the programme ended.

The sub-title of Evolution Vs God is ‘Shaking The Foundations Of Faith’. It is Ray Comforts claim that evolution is based on faith, not science. I’d guess that the scientific foundations of evolutionary theory will remain unshaken.

Links to my other blog posts about Revelation TV

Quacking for Jesus

Revelation TV and Felicity Corbin Wheeler

Revelation TV and Felicity Corbin Wheeler Revisited

Revelation TV & Felicity Corbin Wheeler Revisited

Visitors to this blog  may be aware that I’m returning to a topic already covered in two previous posts, Quacking for Jesus and Revelation TV & Felicity Corbin Wheeler. The reason for this is that the Reverend Doctor has featured prominently in the station’s schedule over the past week. (Anyone interested in reading some background information about Revelation TV should take a look at Gordon’s Blog). She has been given carte blanche to peddle her particular brand of quackery. Viewers have been treated to an eclectic mix of pseudoscience, woo, misinformation, and dangerous nonsense. Over a period of several days Corbin Wheeler has broadcast a roll call of some of the most notorious quacks in the business and a pot pourri of the most ludicrous and potentially dangerous treatments around all, apparently, based on sound Biblical teaching. I shan’t dwell too much on the validity of the Biblical teaching – I struggle with the idea that a Bronze Age book has anything to tell us about science and medicine.


This is not an exhaustive list but the Reverend Doctor mentioned juicing, acid/alkaline balance, colloidal silver, thermography, aspartame, live blood analysis, ionic footbaths, dehydration, mucoid plaques, colonic irrigation, vaccinations, mercury fillings, chem trails, raw food diet, living enzymes, Fukushima and Gerson therapy.


Phillip Day (appearing soon on Revelation TV apparently, read more about him here), Charlotte Gerson, Leigh Erin Connealy, Brian Clement, Stanislaw Burzynski, Gary Tunsky, George Malkmus, Gabriel Cousens and Lorraine Day.

I could write a blog post about each of those named but if you need more information Google is your friend. Hint: it helps if you append the word ‘quack’ after the name, e.g Gary Tunsky quack. That way you avoid finding a long list of ‘alternative’ medicine sites which will destroy countless brain cells. Instead, I will take a closer look at two of those mentioned.

Stanislaw Burzynski

Burzynski is a controversial doctor based in Houston, Texas. He has developed a cancer treatment using what he calls antineoplastons for which he charges thousands of dollars. Patients are enrolled in ‘trials’ for which they have to pay and despite running trials for thirty years, he has yet to publish any data to validate his treatment. Whilst often touted as a natural treatment, what he administers appears to be his own, rather crude, version of chemotherapy. The Respectful Insolence blog has an excellent summary of the issues and I have previously blogged about him myself. Josephine Jones has an extensive resource of links on her blog. It seems very odd that Felicity Corbin Wheeler, who is at pains to promote ‘natural’ treatments, should promote someone who uses chemotherapy.

Lorraine Day

Lorraine Day has a very interesting history. God showed her how to cure her cancer and she developed and promotes The Ten Steps to Fight Cancer. It’s the usual nonsense of raw diets and boosting the immune system but there is more to Dr Day than her fondness of woo. A visit to her website reveals other aspects of her approach. She can tell us  ‘The Truth About Politics, Religion & Health’. Here there are links to ‘The Holocaust Hoax Videos’, ‘How a Hundred Jews Control Millions of Americans’, ‘Jews Run Hollywood and the Media’, and many more. I’m not linking to her odious site. Felicity Corbin Wheeler is endorsing a raving anti-Semite and holocaust denier on Revelation TV. Revelation TV don’t appear to have a problem with that.

Felicity Corbin Wheeler is a crank magnet. A combination of naivety, ignorance and stupidity has produced someone who is in a position to influence the confused and vulnerable. On one of her shows she advised a viewer who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis to stop taking her medication, methotrexate, because it is carcinogenic. Instead, she should consult a naturopath. Revelation TV has given her the platform to spread her ignorance and ignorance can be dangerous.

Revelation TV & Felicity Corbin Wheeler

In a previous blog post, I wrote about Revelation TV promoting Felicity Corbin Wheeler and her views on diet and health. I made reference to her lack of scientific background and my concern that she was advocating the use of unproven therapies and treatments for the prevention and treatment of cancer. I emailed the channel to express my concerns but, undeterred, they have broadcast two more programmes featuring the reverend doctor once again giving her a platform to tell viewers how cancer can be cured by diet. More of that later. First of all, a little more about Corbin Wheeler.

A section of her website is titled ‘Scientific Research’. Purveyors of woo are always keen to legitimise their claims by using science but by so doing, they highlight their ignorance. Trying to validate the use of laetrile for cancer treatment Corbin Wheeler’s website contains the extraordinary statement,

In the mid 1950’s, the American biochemist called Ernst Krebs, known to all medical students for the “Krebs Cycle”, took up the research in Nevada. He was studying the absence of cancer in certain non-industrialised peoples. There are tribes on earth now such as the Hunzas, who do not have cancer. When these people start to eat a western diet, high in animal protein, they succumb like the rest of us.

The Krebs Cycle is, of course, named after Nobel Prize winning biochemist Sir Hans Krebs. Ernst Krebs was a quack. Hopefully no medical students would make such an elementary mistake.

Back to Revelation TV. The programmes were hosted by presenter Howard Conder who is quite happy to tell viewers about his lack of science education. He sets the background by declaring that the programme will look at ‘both sides’. The ‘other side’ turns out to be reading from a print-out of the CancerResearch UK website. Next we have the staple of ‘alternative’ therapies – YouTube videos. A succession of naturopaths and chiropractors give their views about cancer and diabetes being lifestyle choices. Both programmes ramble through an assortment of quack therapies but fortunately Revelation TV has provided a handy downloadable summary rather oddly called Gary Tunsky on Cells with header.(pdf) In this document Corbin Wheeler sets out the steps we need to take to prevent and treat cancer, complete with scientific explanations. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • All disease originates at the molecular and cellular level, not at the organ or system level as we’re led to believe by Western medicine. This is a meaningless statement but the use of the term ‘Western medicine’ sets the scene for what’s to come.
  • We need photon light and electromagnetic energy, and our cells need photon light and electromagnetic energy. Photon light? ‘Photon’ is a sciencey word – that’s why it’s there.
  • The DNA helix coils act as transmitters and receivers of cellular information in the form of electromagnetic pulse energy sent to neighbouring and distant cells, similar to a radio antenna that receives and transmits frequency messages. Absolute gibberish!
  • A healthy body functions best when it’s slightly alkaline. To measure the body’s pH you’d have to put it through a blender first. That’s not recommended. There follows a lengthy explanation of how we must have an alkaline body achievable by eating alkaline foods. This nonsense has been thoroughly debunked by Quackwatch.
  • Over 90% of western population is dehydrated through over-consumption of acidic and dehydrating foods and beverages ….. . Over 90% of people have kidneys that don’t function?
  • It’s my conclusion based on years of research that cancer and AIDS are nothing more or less than a cellular disturbance of the electromagnetic balance. This is stupidity beyond words.

So Corbin Wheeler has the answer to virtually all our health problems. It is of course, eating raw foods, a vegan diet, juicing, colonic irrigation and an alkaline diet. Scientists, oncologists, and doctors are prevented by their ignorance and the influence of the drug companies from treating us in the appropriate manner.

Howard Conder said the programmes would be looking at both sides. He obviously visited the CancerResearch UK website. He must have missed the pages which show that:

(Source: CancerResearch UK)

These results haven’t been achieved by quack diets. They’ve been achieved by hardworking, dedicated scientists using evidence based medicine to relieve suffering.