Revelation TV & Felicity Corbin Wheeler

In a previous blog post, I wrote about Revelation TV promoting Felicity Corbin Wheeler and her views on diet and health. I made reference to her lack of scientific background and my concern that she was advocating the use of unproven therapies and treatments for the prevention and treatment of cancer. I emailed the channel to express my concerns but, undeterred, they have broadcast two more programmes featuring the reverend doctor once again giving her a platform to tell viewers how cancer can be cured by diet. More of that later. First of all, a little more about Corbin Wheeler.

A section of her website is titled ‘Scientific Research’. Purveyors of woo are always keen to legitimise their claims by using science but by so doing, they highlight their ignorance. Trying to validate the use of laetrile for cancer treatment Corbin Wheeler’s website contains the extraordinary statement,

In the mid 1950’s, the American biochemist called Ernst Krebs, known to all medical students for the “Krebs Cycle”, took up the research in Nevada. He was studying the absence of cancer in certain non-industrialised peoples. There are tribes on earth now such as the Hunzas, who do not have cancer. When these people start to eat a western diet, high in animal protein, they succumb like the rest of us.

The Krebs Cycle is, of course, named after Nobel Prize winning biochemist Sir Hans Krebs. Ernst Krebs was a quack. Hopefully no medical students would make such an elementary mistake.

Back to Revelation TV. The programmes were hosted by presenter Howard Conder who is quite happy to tell viewers about his lack of science education. He sets the background by declaring that the programme will look at ‘both sides’. The ‘other side’ turns out to be reading from a print-out of the CancerResearch UK website. Next we have the staple of ‘alternative’ therapies – YouTube videos. A succession of naturopaths and chiropractors give their views about cancer and diabetes being lifestyle choices. Both programmes ramble through an assortment of quack therapies but fortunately Revelation TV has provided a handy downloadable summary rather oddly called Gary Tunsky on Cells with header.(pdf) In this document Corbin Wheeler sets out the steps we need to take to prevent and treat cancer, complete with scientific explanations. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

  • All disease originates at the molecular and cellular level, not at the organ or system level as we’re led to believe by Western medicine. This is a meaningless statement but the use of the term ‘Western medicine’ sets the scene for what’s to come.
  • We need photon light and electromagnetic energy, and our cells need photon light and electromagnetic energy. Photon light? ‘Photon’ is a sciencey word – that’s why it’s there.
  • The DNA helix coils act as transmitters and receivers of cellular information in the form of electromagnetic pulse energy sent to neighbouring and distant cells, similar to a radio antenna that receives and transmits frequency messages. Absolute gibberish!
  • A healthy body functions best when it’s slightly alkaline. To measure the body’s pH you’d have to put it through a blender first. That’s not recommended. There follows a lengthy explanation of how we must have an alkaline body achievable by eating alkaline foods. This nonsense has been thoroughly debunked by Quackwatch.
  • Over 90% of western population is dehydrated through over-consumption of acidic and dehydrating foods and beverages ….. . Over 90% of people have kidneys that don’t function?
  • It’s my conclusion based on years of research that cancer and AIDS are nothing more or less than a cellular disturbance of the electromagnetic balance. This is stupidity beyond words.

So Corbin Wheeler has the answer to virtually all our health problems. It is of course, eating raw foods, a vegan diet, juicing, colonic irrigation and an alkaline diet. Scientists, oncologists, and doctors are prevented by their ignorance and the influence of the drug companies from treating us in the appropriate manner.

Howard Conder said the programmes would be looking at both sides. He obviously visited the CancerResearch UK website. He must have missed the pages which show that:

(Source: CancerResearch UK)

These results haven’t been achieved by quack diets. They’ve been achieved by hardworking, dedicated scientists using evidence based medicine to relieve suffering.


37 thoughts on “Revelation TV & Felicity Corbin Wheeler”

  1. Hi There Nucella,
    Thanks for your thoughts, The prophecies of the “seven trumpets” are found in Revelation chapters eight, nine and eleven. Revelation 8:2-6 gives the introduction preceding the specific description of each individual trumpet. These trumpets are part of God’s judgments that He will pour out on this wicked world during earth’s final days.
    All the Best

  2. When Revelation first put F.C.W. on< I was interested, always willing to learn about healthy living, but I went on to her website, and discovered that her programme provided different Yogas to suit different people. I emailed Revelation re this, but did not hear back. I was quite surprised today, to discover that they are still promoting Felicity's teachings. It is because Felicity claims to be a Christian, that I did not think that she should be promoting Yoga at her centre. Am I right?

    1. My objections to Felicity Corbin Wheeler are based on her promotion of unproven and potentially dangerous quack remedies for the prevention and treatment of cancer. In my view she is guilty of exploiting vulnerable people for monetary gain. I am not a christian and my knowledge of (and interest in) yoga is very limited.

  3. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this certain information for a long time. Thank you and good luck.

  4. I had intended writing something about this at the time but never got round to it. Well done for looking up the science. One of the traits of Christian TV seems to be denial of regular science and adoption of quack science, whether its fake archaeology or strange diets, Usually there is some money making involved for someone.

    I keep a close eye on Revelation TV and maintain an article here: Revelation TV

    1. Well said Gordon, I enjoyed your ‘blog’ on my old mate Dr. McMurtry by the way! Like ‘our Felicity’ he is a conman, the problem I have with her is that someone could get hurt following her quacks advice.

  5. yes because the government and drug companys dont make money, come u fool u dont really think people really belive that scientists know what their talking about, and yes theres more cancer about because of our shit food the government are insisting we eat, carnt b doing with undereducated people telling us rubbish, government dont care scientists are after a cure, Wheeler is telling u a prevention, but u are so ignorant u dont want to know anyone knows that good diet and looking after yourself is the key i dont need a pill for that keep up the good work felicity, only just started reading about u my friends told me about u.

    1. Thank you for your comment Shirley. Perhaps you could clarify two things for me. How does the government make money out of people being ill, and what foods are the government insisting we eat?

      1. Hi
        let me believe you must be an intelligent person to begin with !!
        The Government do not technically make money, but many MPs have links, shares, and sit on the boards of the big pharmacutical corporations. The Big industrial complexes lobby governments with Party funding through donations to influence Policies which benifit them.

        Government relies on scientists who with the influence of big pharma push policy in a desired direction, Whether thats the FSA or DEFRA or any other public health body.

        We only have to look at the direction the Government went in ordering Millions of Tammy Flu Jabs on the say so of the Government backed scientists, Oh yes, and who gained, the Big pharma at the expense of the tax payer. Not forgetting the MPs who have their fingers in Bid Pharma as well.

        The NHS is not out to cure disease, Disease is a revenue stream and no drug company is willing to sacrifice Profits for health. The catchword is “Disease Management”, it is in this area that the fatted cow gets milked from cradle to grave. Too many charities workers would loose their jobs if the cure for cancer was ever found, but the never ending plea of ” Just give us another 10 million and we will that little bit closer” !!

        The foods we eat is a great talking point isnt it.

        no wonder we are all disease ridden and dying like flies. GMO crops, Foods grown in mineral depleted soils, fed on Herbicides and pesticides, Cattle fed on Growth Hormone drugs, vaccinations and antibiotics. Meat that is infused with water to increase its weight and Pumped with Carbon Monoxide to artificially make it look Red. Foods that pass as foods that are nothing more than laboratory Chemicasl and Neurotoxins. Proccessed foods including Breads which are made from refined flour with Elasifiers, capable of hurrying your suseptability to bowel cancer, and Flourines, chlorines and bromines in food products which block iodine absorption by the thyroid.

        Then of course we Cook it and destroy all vitamin c content and deplete the nutrient value by as much as another 70 %

        But, God help anyone who eats raw food and rainbow salads and drinks clean water and eats for immunity !!! Thats the last thing we want well educated and intelligent poeple doing !!

  6. really are u that ignorant i hv to tell u, well to start i went to the hospital with a friend to receive cancer treatment they hv died now, but my friend wanted a whole grain sandwich and the said were only alowd to sell white what goodnes is in white bread i think that sums it up but u know i wanted to put a coment on, and i did i dont want or need to explain to ignorant people who just want and argument for the sake of it ithink what i want and other people can think what they want please dont respond i dont want to talk to and i didnt say the government made money from people being ill they make it from back handers from the big boys behind the food tobaco ind and drug companys

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend and the bad experience they had but the failure of the hospital to sell you the sort of sandwich you wanted doesn’t make Felicity Corbin Wheeler right. She’s still a dangerous quack.

      1. i know u like the name calling but why do u think its dangerous to eat and b healthy, do u think u should take a pill for everything, and by the way it wasnt my sandwhich it was my friends and my point was they couldnt get a healthy meal in a cancer treatment hospital, did i hv to spell that out for u.

  7. didnt understand your freedom to eat bit not seeing your point but u dont really think that all the vulnerable and sick arnt already being taken advantage off taking pills that not only dont work but harm u, you sound like u have a personal vendetta against wheeler, let me tell u hv u bin to hospital latley its where u go to get sick, prevention is better i love natural remedies tell me are u against natural remedies, the shit and poison thats in our food u must know its harmful everyone knows that, scientists hv had there time and money, there is a place for both

    1. My point is that no-one is forced to eat anything they don’t want to eat. What poisons are in our food? Natural remedies are very often a con trick designed to separate vulnerable people from their money. There’s nothing ‘natural’ about taking supplements which contain cyanide which is one of the things which Corbin Wheeler recommends.

    1. After watching the first programme with Felicity Wheeler, I went on to her website, and it mentioned different Yoga(s ) to suit people. I wrote to Howard re this, but Revelation are still advertising her programmes. To me Yoga is New Age, and should not be accepted by a christian station. I support Revelation, and am not happy re this matter.

  8. “On Thursday’s Q&A show Howard Conder will be joined Dr Corbin Wheeler. Be sure to join in as they discuss healthy eating and nutrition. ” Thats this Thuirsday 30th August.

  9. No-one has mentioned that Felicity Corbin Wheeler’s doctorate is for religion/divinity.
    She is not a medical doctor…..her only medical qualification was gained when she was a Red Cross nurse, which she seemingly mentions quite casually during any initial preamble.
    The emphasis appears to be on the image that she is a doctor,
    probably misleading the unweary into believing that she is a qualified medical practioner.
    Her lack of any significant/appropriate medical qualification is never seemingly questioned by Howard Conder.
    Similarly, Howard claims ignorance of so-called Dr McMurtry’s qualifications. It appears, however, that Dr Mc doctorate in again in religious studies…and although he calls himself a Creation Scientist, with, it is claimed, extensive experience, he appears to have only academic qualification in forestry.
    Dr Mc asserts he taught evolution science before becoming a Creationist…although there appears no evidence of him being a tutor and/or qualified to in such a specific faculty of science.
    Howard C seems to be happy to accept so-called scientific evidence from very suspect so-called experts.

    1. I agree. Both these individuals parade their ‘qualifications’ to try and lend authority to their views. I did email Gordon Pettie at Relevation TV about Corbin Wheeler’s lack of scientific and medical expertise but I suspect it fell on deaf ears.

  10. Hello I have read the above and can say just simply that I tried the wheatgrass that this lady promotes and my health has improved especially the problem I have had with high acidity which I no longer suffer from. Susan

  11. Felicity’s daughter died from cancer after being treated with conventional medicine. While suffering from the horrors of chemotherapy, she told her mother there had to be a better way. When Felicity later developed cancer herself, she found a better way and cured her own cancer. She might not be a scientist, but you can’t blame her for wanting to spread the word! I have no doubt her reasons are honourable. Read her book – “God’s Healing Word”.

    Felicity is not the first person to have found that the cure for most health problems can be found in the natural plant foods that God gave us, and she found that message backed up in the Bible. Many Doctors and Scientists know this too.

    The more we move towards eating plant foods as Nature presents them to us – fresh, organic, raw, brimming with beneficial vitamins, minerals, the powerful phytonutrients scientists have been discovering recently in the range of colourful fruit and vegetables, enzymes, purified water and all the protein we actually need – the healthier we become. For scientific proof I recommend watching the film “Forks Over Knives” which traces the personal journeys of a pair of pioneering researchers, Dr. T. Colin Campbell – – and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn – These two men are real doctors and their research is based on the largest population of people ever studied.

    Instead of eating lots of healthy natural plant food, we denature it – we spray it, genetically modify it, we throw away the fibre, and we bleach it. We add a cocktail of harmful chemicals and colourings. We add cheap fillers, far too much fat and bleached sugar to make it taste “better”. It is no longer even real food.

    We unnecessarily raise and slaughter animals in the most horrendous, heart-breaking ways just to please our taste buds. In so doing, we consume their uric acid, adrenaline, feces and the hormones they’ve been injected with.

    Our poor bodies gradually collapse under the weight of this nutrient-deficient, toxic, fatty load, and probably the “bad karma” (you reap what you sow). Is it any wonder cancer and heart disease have increased so dramatically over the last one hundred years.

    Lots of medicine is based on chemicals found in plants, and researchers are exploring the plant kingdom for clues to treatments and cures. However, during years of training doctors are taught extremely little about nutrition, so you can’t blame them for not fully realizing the importance of what we eat. More and more medical practitioners are at least now stressing the importance of eating at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, so the tide is turning.

    Instead of looking for ways to discredit Felicity, lets remember why she went down this path, and give her credit for her hard work trying to help the human race to not lose their own or a loved one’s life unnecessarily through ill health. Lets be grateful to her and all those who are trying to help us stay well. We can work together. Finally, lets don’t forget to thank the creative power that made us and gave us an abundance of miraculous, life-sustaining plants to feed us and keep us strong and healthy.

    1. A succinct and well put reply Barbara. I totally agree with your views and have great respect for Felicity and the experiences she has been through. Its such a shame to see people criticising the work of Revelation TV, which I and many others take great comfort and inspiration from. After all it is God’s work they are doing, and in the face of considerable adversity it appears !! Still our dear Lord told us to expect this in ‘the world’ and that we would be blessed for it when the time came. I am very lucky to be healthy and free from disease, but have taken on Felicity’s teachings in terms of prevention and what possible harm can that do ? God Bless you and your loving and Christain response to the comments noted above.


    2. How can we be well when our systems are overloaded with chemicals and other toxins, sprayed on or added to our food? When we get ill we are then given chemicals as medicine. I asked a consultant recently who couldn’t help my complaint, about the nutrient route, to which he advised me: “Dont go there.” Since then I have improved considerably from actually ‘going there.’ As to Revelation TV I am a fan and Felicity made it quite clear on each programme that she is not a medical doctor. Those who say otherwise have selective hearing me thinks! I haven’t heard her mention Yoga on any programme that I have watched but if she has I would not agree with her on that.

  12. Barbara – thank you for your comments. You have raised a number of points, some of which I’ll address here, others in a future blog post.
    I’m well aware of Corbin Wheeler’s history – she constantly reminds people of it. It does not make her views any more credible. I notice you focus primarily on diet. This is only part of the Corbin Wheeler package. Do you share her enthusiasm for colonic irrigation? Do you, like her, go to sleep in a Faraday Cage? She presents a mish-mash of psuedoscientific nonsense and in so doing exploits the confused and vulnerable.
    I am familiar with the work of Dr T Colin Campbell. I am also aware that his work has been closely scrutinised by other scientists and found wanting. This blog is worth a read:

  13. I’ve seen the comments. Oh dear!

    But you didn’t pick up on Ms Corbin’s confusion between US-based Ernst Krebs, and the Krebs cycle Nobel laureate Hans Krebs. As to what Ernst Krebs found, and if his work was good, I don’t know but wouldn’t take Ms Corbin’s word for it.

  14. OK I’m confused now by Your bullet point above : A healthy body functions best when it is slightly alkaline. I clicked on the Quackwatch link for this item & was directed to an an article by Dr Gabe Mirkin, who tells us that: “you should not believe that it matters whether foods are acid or alkaline, because no food can change the acidity of anything in your body…..” Out of interest I then proceeded to the link for Mirkins website where I was invited to take the ‘on line’ test, not a scientific blood test, mind you, to determine if my my body was acidic. Having done this the report stated that my body is highly acidic and to remedy this situation I was advised to eat 5 foods that would remedy this, including spirulina, chlorella and sea buckthorn. These are just the sort of foods that Felicity recommends.

    I’m sorry, but this Mirkin, you have provided a link to seems to be making a gross contradiction, please explain?

  15. ps. It does appear to be an advert, but why is Dr Mirkin allowing adverts on his website which contradict what he is preachin?

    1. What I think happens is this. When you sign up for a web hosting service part of the deal is ads on the site you create. This keeps the cost of the website down or in some cases free. The downside is that you have no control over what ads appear on your site. Severaal other ads on Dr Mirkin’s site are dubious. I also filled in the survey but stopped short of submitting my email to get the report. I get enough spam already. I’ve no doubt that the report would say that my diet was acid (regardless of my responses) and that they could sell me things to address a non-existent problem. The concept of an alkaline diet is nonsense.

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