What Doctors Don’t Tell You & Sainsburys

Since the print edition of What Doctors Don’t Tell You appeared in September 2012 it has attracted a lot of attention from the skeptic community, bloggers, social media, and more recently mainstream media including the Guardian and The Times.

The magazine, whose masthead proclaims, ‘Helping you make better health choices’, promises to ‘uncover the hard-to-get facts about health and the causes of illness.’

In practice, this means promoting all manner of quackery and woo. This has been exposed by a large number of bloggers so I won’t spend time covering the issues here. Anyone who is interested should visit Josephine Jones blog where they will find and an extensive and ever-growing list of links to relevant sources.

Many bloggers take the view that retailers should consider whether or not they should continue stocking and selling the magazine. Please note, this is not a campaign for a ban on the magazine. It is a call for retailers to consider whether or not selling WDDTY is in the best interests of the retailer and their customers.

My position is clear. WDDTY contains articles and advertisements which are inaccurate and misleading which put the ill-informed and vulnerable at risk. Retailers who sell the magazine are doing their customers a disservice. I was pleased when I saw this series of tweets on Twitter.


I do my shopping at Sainsburys. When WDDTY was first published I looked through the magazine section at my local store but couldn’t find a copy. I assumed they didn’t stock it. When I visited the store yesterday (Nov 5th 2013, 9.15 am) I was surprised to see this:

IMG_0198.JPG (2)

When I got home I posted the picture on Twitter. I made no comment, no complaint, no demands. The response was immediate.


I visited the store later in the day.

IMG_0199.JPG (2)

True to their word, Sainsburys had removed WDDTY from the shelves.

WDDTY and their supporters will complain about censorship, denial of free speech and so on. This is nonsense. Mike Ward, posting on the WDDTY Facebook page (until he’s banned and his posts deleted) sums it up nicely:

No one is suppressing anything. If you wish to read or write nonsense about any subject under the sun, feel free, The (cyber) world is your oyster. Once, however, you start selling products or magazines and advertising them, you have to meet certain ethical and legal standards. Preying on vulnerable people with serious medical conditions like cancer, offering them false hope, and dissuading them from seeking evidence-based medical interventions does, I submit, not meet such standards.


5 thoughts on “What Doctors Don’t Tell You & Sainsburys”

  1. I think your post is pathetic and sad and you need to look into neuro science a lot more as one day you may need it and if you rely on the doctors and consultants helping you , they will supply you with drugs that you think are helping you but are in fact giving you terrible side effects as the medical industry is controlled by the billion dollar drug companies that don’t want to you die but want you to continue to be unhealthy so that they can make millions for your suffering. I have had friends and family who have suffered from cancer and aids and have survived not by using drugs or chemo but by using Ozone , you need to look it up in that magazine as 20 plus countries are using this treatment and have been for some years. We are way behind countries such as Cuba who are already using alternative healthier treatments. So instead of preventing people from living you may want to help people to live
    + –

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