Homeopathy Awareness Week

World Homeopathy Awareness Week took place between April 10-16 2011 with the aim of “celebrating the healing art of homeopathy“. To promote their cause, the faithful were encouraged to share information on Twitter using the #WHAW hashtag. This their duly did but they can’t have anticipated the response from the skeptic community. Attempts to peddle their familiar line in psuedo-science were met with requests for evidence which in turn produced even more nonsense. Predictably, homeopathy tweeters resorted to the BigPharma shill gambit and sundry other insults. An exchange I had with a tweeter began when they claimed that homeopaths cared more for their patients than did Doctors. It ended when the homeopath tweeted, “… don’t replace your regular drugs, in fact kill yourself with them, I don’t care.” So much for caring homeopaths. From my perspective, homeopaths failed miserably to advance their case via Twitter and ended up scoring a notable own goal. Unabashed however, this week sees the launch in the UK of Homeopathy Awareness Week. Once more, we can expect our twitter feeds to be filled with the usual woo and quackery.

On one level this is mildly amusing and provides good sport for skeptics. Homeopaths are easy targets for debunking and ridicule. On another level, it’s a that the promotion of homeopathy is still a threat to the health and well being of millions of people. In case anyone is any doubt, the “efficacy” of homeopathy has been comprehensively evaluated by Edzard Ernst – Homeopathy: what does the “best” evidence tell us?
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, homeopathy and its supporters continue to try and make the case for the value of this non-treatment.

  1. MP David Tredinnick repeatedly tries to convince the UK Parliament that the NHS is obliged to offer homeopathy.  Andy Lewis refutes the case in the Quackometer. My correspondence with my MP, a signatory of the Early Day Motion, is here.
  2. Homeopathy is touted as an alternative to vaccinations – A canna’ change the laws of physics examines the science behind the claim.
  3. Homeopathy seems to be targetting parts of the world where health care is limited, by making ludicrous and dangerous claims that it can treat HIV-AIDS.

Twitter users can join the debate by using the hashtags #HAW, #homeopathy, #ten23.


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